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Everything Always

Mar 14, 2019

Welcome back to the Everything Always podcast! Today, we have a guest on the show that will have all you step-parents nodding in agreement – Ashley Coleman. Ashley is the content manager and writer for and has a ton of great insights about the step-parenting experience.

Ashley has two step-daughters, no kids of her own, and is a certified life coach. She’s also pursuing her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and works at a large university in Virginia.  She is a busy woman, but this hasn’t stopped her from consistently sharing invaluable advice, information, and resources with the Stepmomming community.

On today’s episode, we touch on a ton of things that we step-parents can relate to. Specifically, Ashley discusses coping with second-wife insecurities, dealing with small parenting differences, and handing big-ticket parenting decisions. Whether you bring kids into the relationship or not, this episode is sure to provide some perspective to your new parental role.

01:00 – 09:00 - Introducing Ashley Coleman, her background, and her journey

09:30 – 18:30 - How to cope with second-wife insecurities

18:30 – 28:00 - How to deal with small parenting differences

28:00 – 33:50 - Being empathetic towards the other parents and breaking the “step” stigma

33:50 – 39:30 - Letting the biological parents deal with the big-ticket parenting decisions

39:50 – 47:00 –Taking responsibility and being accepting of the whole package