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Everything Always

Aug 11, 2022

How much pain are you experiencing because you feel less than warm and secure in your own home? If you feel like your family life has turned into a battlefield or that being in a blended family is non-stop fighting, this episode is for you. Dr. Patty Ann Tublin joins the show today to share from her wealth of knowledge as a relationship, communication, and emotional intelligence expert.

Listen in as she shares ways for your family to break free from the cycle of screaming and yelling at each other. Her insight into helping your kids to get along better is incredibly valuable, and she provides tools to help you manage your family better. You will walk away with actionable and WORKING ways to make your home a peaceful place again.

0:56 – 7:53 - Who Patty is and her expertise in successful relationships.

7:54 – 13:45 – Where to go when you’re feeling disconnect and tension in your home life.

13:45 – 17:45 -  The difference between the romantic relationship and the family relationship working or not working.

17:55 – 29:29 – Setting boundaries and the security that comes with that.

29:30 – 37:24 – How to manage time and feeling like there’s just not enough.

37:25 – 43:15 – The importance of empathy and connection when parenting imperfectly.

43:16 – 49:35 – Patty’s book on entrepreneurship and how she navigated business and children.

49:36 – 101:32 – Finding the right way to do things and communicating well verbally and non-verbally.


  • Go into a blended family situation with aligned (and realistic) expectations.
  • The romantic relationship often becomes a casualty of a blended family not working.
  • You need boundaries and alignment on rules and expectations.
  • It’s important to communicate about things that bother you.
  • Be clear on who you are, what you want, what your core values are, and how you live them out.
  • Parent imperfectly with connection and empathy.
  • Do what works for YOUR life and don’t get wrapped in what other people think is the “right way.”


“The perfect storm comes whenever it feels like it.” – Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

“Pull yourself out emotionally, and your partner, and tell them you need to have a talk about expectations.” – Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

“The pace of the world is like a squirrel on crack cocaine. We have the responsibility to set our pace, and if we don’t, we’ve abdicated that to someone else.” – Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

3 Interesting Clips:

12:04 - 13:10 – Where to start when you see signs of trouble and how to go into a blended family.

18:35 – 19:01 – What to do when rules and expectations in different homes don't align.

22:34 – 23:00 – What to do when you “didn’t sign up for this.”

49:37 – 50:33 – How to do it the “right way.”


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