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Everything Always

Aug 18, 2022

Going through divorce and family troubles is incredibly personal and can be difficult to talk about on a public platform. However, by discussing these issues, we can help others navigate their way through these real-life hardships that so many people have to deal with. So, in this episode, we have Mike’s nephew, Anthony Ellsworth joining the show to share his story of divorce, co-parenting his kids in two different locations, and the struggles with dating as a newly single father.

Listen in as Anthony explains when he started to notice that his marriage was not as strong as it once was and how his mental health was impacted during his divorce. You will learn what Anthony did to ensure his daughter never had negative feelings towards her mom, why you must show up for your children consistently, and his advice for those going through a divorce right now.

5:00 - 7:00 - Anthony’s background and how his upbringing impacted his life.

7:00 - 10:30 - When Anthony realized his marriage was starting to fall apart.

10:30 - 14:05 - How Anthony navigated his way through his divorce.

14:05 - 20:25 - How Anthony made sure that there was nothing bad said about his daughter's mother in front of her.

20:25 - 23:05 - How to cope with the grief of divorce.

23:20 - 28:00 - How Anthony handled co-parenting from two different locations.

28:00 - 34:30 - If Anthony has any regrets from his divorce.

34:30 - 41:00 - The importance of showing up for your children consistently. 

41:00 - 44:30 - The benefit of remembering that your life will go through seasons and things will pass. 

44:30 - 49:02 - Anthony’s advice for others going through divorce.


  • The importance of not dragging out your divorce for the sake of your children.
  • Why so many people follow the same patterns as their parents.
  • How your upbringing can make a big impact on the way you deal with trauma.
  • How Anthony handled going through a divorce during a pandemic.
  • What Anthony did to help his mental health through his divorce.
  • The importance of showing up consistently for your children.


“Show up for your kid consistently.” - Anthony Ellsworth

“I made sure that I never gave [anyone] a reason to talk bad about my daughter's mom because I didn’t want my daughter to think badly about her.”- Anthony Ellsworth

“Nobody is perfect.” - Anthony Ellsworth

3 Interesting Clips:

10:30 - 11:15 - How Anthony’s upbringing impacted his adult life.

15:45 - 18:40 - How Anthony’s mental health suffered through his divorce and what he did to work through it.

28:00 - 30:00 - The importance of setting a great example for your children through a healthy, happy relationship with your co-parent.


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