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Everything Always

Oct 29, 2020

We can all agree that we want the best for our children. However, when you are a co-parent, it can be hard not to feel competitive with your ex-spouse as to who is doing the better job. So today I want to discuss how to avoid conflict with your ex-partner to ensure you are not putting your children’s mental health on the line, and instead keeping your home a safe and happy place for them.

Listen in as I explain the different types of competition between co-parents, describing some that you may even be unaware of. You will learn the importance of remembering that your child’s opinion will form naturally of their other parent and it does not need to be influenced by your negative thoughts toward your ex-partner. Your children deserve to have both of their parents, and it is possible to make that work, so don't miss this episode!

1:54 - 6:24 - How to avoid co-parenting conflict.

6:24 - 11:45 - Common types of competition that are seen.

11:45 - 16:16 - Why it is actually up to the child to form an opinion of their parents.

16:16 - 25:25 - What if we didn’t have to label one thing as good or bad?

25:25 - 33:22 - How to create a healthy and loving environment for your child.


  • Common types of competition between co-parents.
  • Why “buying” your children’s love is not healthy.
  • It’s not up to us to decide a child's opinion of their other parent.
  • There are different ways of parenting.
  • Don’t taint something because it is not your ideal.


  • “The thing that really breaks my heart is seeing a child that is suffering emotionally.”
  • “Children already want to please both parents. That’s a natural thing to get that love and pride from their parents.”
  • “Shouldn’t it be up to the child to decide their opinion of their parent as they get older?”

3 Interesting Clips:

  • 2:33 - 3:00 - Why competing for the love of your children can be toxic.
  • 12:20 - 13:16 - Why it should be up to the child to decide their opinion of their parent
  • 18:10 - 20:20 - There is no good or bad—just different.


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