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Everything Always

Mar 18, 2021

What if I told you that you have the answers to the things that can solve your problems, determine good choices vs. bad choices, and ultimately make your life better? Many of us don’t know how to trust it, access it, or take full advantage of it, but today we are talking with Sunil Godse about the incredible gift that is our intuition.

Sunil is the CEO and Founder of Intuitionology, and he has has dedicated a lot of his life to unpacking and harnessing the benefits of our natural intuition. Listen in as he shares some incredible insight on how to recognize your intuition and the importance of learning to trust it. You will hear great tips on how to use this powerful tool when navigating frustrating, stressful, and complicated situations.

5:54 – 9:17 - An anonymous letter from a sister.

9:18 – 14:39 - Sunil’s background in intuition and why he decided to pursue the path he’s on.

14:40 – 17:13 - The science behind intuition and when it starts.

17:14 – 20:06 – How intuition works for people.

20:07 – 23:10 - Applying intuition to the challenges of a blended family.

23:11 – 31:09 – The four types of intuition.

31:10 – 41:31 – How to be more in-tune with your intuition.

 41:32 – 57:42 – How to pay attention to intuition over the noise of everyday life.



  • How to stop ignoring and discrediting your own intuition.
  • The commonalities of successful people when it comes to intuition.
  • How science explains the reality of intuition.
  • Ways to recognize your intuition so you know what to pay attention to and what to ignore.



“I really needed to figure out this thing called intuition because now I’d lost time, money, effort, and now a good friend.” - Sunil Godse

“Intuition is all in the primitive area [of your brain], so all it knows is fight or flight. There’s no language associated with it. So no wonder I couldn’t find a definition. We all define it in our own way—we just have this feeling.” - Sunil Godse

“What intuition does really well is to make sure that people come back to their values of what they are and give you the signals to make sure those values are strong.” - Sunil Godse


3 Interesting Clips:

9:47 - 10:26 - What happens when you ignore intuition.

14:50 - 15:19 - Why intuition exists, according to neuroscience.

20:53 - 21:36 – The importance of trusting your intuition.



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