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Everything Always

Apr 1, 2021

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic time for both parents and children. So what measures can you put in place to ensure the least amount of damage is done? Our guest today is J. Camille, a motivational speaker and host of The Shift, and in this episode, she will be sharing her takeaways from growing up with divorced parents, as well as the insights she has looking back on that time now that she's an adult.

Listen in as J. explains what she wishes her parents would have done when they divorced to make it an easier transition for her as a young child. You will learn the importance of open communication with your children, why you should create collaboration over competition, and how to create healthy boundaries for yourself.

5:39 - 7:27 - How J. learned to adjust to The Shift.

7:27 - 10:33 - The truths J. learned from growing up with divorced parents.

10:33 - 13:25 - What she believes would have helped her get through the divorce easier.

13:25 - 16:34 - The importance of collaboration versus competition.

16:34 - 29:45 - How the divorce impacted J.'s life.

29:45 - 33:42 - Why you are not a bad parent—you just have some things to work through.

33:42 - 41:33 - The importance of being slow to speak but quick to listen.


  • What it is like growing up with divorced parents.
  • The things J. learned from her childhood.
  • The importance of having open communication with your children.
  • Why you should never make the child choose.
  • The importance of collaboration instead of competition.


“I just wish there would have been a sit-down conversation of the truth… Even if it’s ugly, it would have helped me.” - J. Camille

“A foundation of truth is always the best place to start.” - J. Camille

“You have to create healthy boundaries for yourself.” - Summer Mulder

3 Interesting Clips:

6:00 - 7:27 - Why being adaptable to change is so important.

10:43 - 11:46 - The importance of having open communication with your children.

30:00 - 33:42 - Why you are not a bad person or parent.


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