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Everything Always

Apr 15, 2021

For those of you in a blended family with a special needs child, you know it can be very stressful coming together and there are very few resources available for helping you navigate through it. So to help us discuss this topic more in-depth is Dr. Lynette Louise, an international award-winning speaker, author, consultant, brain change expert, mental health advocate, and—most importantly—mother. In this episode, she will be sharing her expert advice on co-parenting, special needs parenting, and so much more.

Listen in as she explains what led her to adopt multiple children with autism or special needs and what she believes everyone should know before jumping into a blended family. You will discover how to help your children live with their mental health issues and why everyone is responsible for their own actions—including your children. If you’re struggling with parenting, whether your child has special needs or not, this episode will be a powerful tool for discovery and growth.

6:15 - 12:50 - Dr. Lynette’s journey to where she is now.
12:50 - 18:50 - How to know if you’re ready to jump into a blended family.
18:50 - 23:06 - How to have a successful relationship beyond just your children.
23:06 - 30:08 - How to help your child handle their own mental health issues.
30:08 - 40:05 - Why you must learn to make your own mistakes. 


  • The importance of communication.
  • Why everyone is responsible for their own actions.
  • How to help your children learn to live with their special needs.
  • The importance of teaching your children how capable they are.
  • How to help the people around you flourish.


“I think it’s important to check on yourself and check on the person who is stepping forward and decide, yes, I can take on your package or your steamer trunk full of children.” - Dr. Lynette Louise

 “It's a humbling experience to look at yourself, but you have to do it.” - Dr. Lynette Louise

 “There has got to be something that cements you together as adults, not just parents.” - Dr. Lynette Louise

3 Interesting Clips:

12:58 - 16:42 - How to decide if you’re in the right position to co-parent or blend a family.

18:45 - 19:56 - The importance of being connected beyond just parenting.

24:00 - 25:55 - How to help your children help themselves.


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