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Everything Always

May 6, 2021

Are you going through (or have you gone through) a custody battle? If so, and if you have questions about the processes, the money, the emotions, the risks and more, you’re going to want to listen in to what Renee Rodriguez has to say. She joins us on the show as someone who has been through all of this and will be sharing strategy, tips and wisdom on how to walk into that courtroom with confidence.

If you’ve asked the questions, “How long will this go on?” or “Wait, we already did this and it's years later and we’re doing it again?” in regards to custody proceedings, this episode is for you. You will learn about what it’s like to work with attorneys on a custody case and how to have a successful relationship with them. Renee also gives some really great guidance on how to be smart about the process and carry it out in a way that will benefit your child first and bring as little damage as possible.

7:19 – 11:34 - How Renee dealt with a high conflict relationship and custody battle and eventually decided to help others in the process.

11:35 - 13:00 - The unexpected situation of custody battles and understanding your role in the situation.

13:01 - 15:27 - The expectations people have for their lawyer and how that is a common downfall.

15:28 – 25:14 - How to know what kinds of evidence are valid, the role of communication and text messages and how to organize it.

25:15 – 30:31 - What to do if the other parent refuses to use an app.

30:32 – 55:10 - How to keep your calm in court and the mindset preparation you can do.


  • What a custody coach is and why it’s so impactful to custody battles.
  • The importance of understanding the system and how to be properly prepared.
  • Why documentation is so key and how to understand how people will see your ex.
  • Communication with your ex and why you should keep it mainly to a parenting platform.
  • How to reframe things when you are concerned about your ex and their wishes.
  • How to move from texts to parenting platforms amidst push-back.
  • The importance of how you appear in court and the need for mindset prep.


“There’s something so stifling and so debilitating when you’re going through [a custody battle] because it’s your CHILD.” - Summer

“You learn all these things in school, you think you know what to expect in life but you don’t learn how to be in family court – that’s not an expectation.” - Renee

“You don’t divorce the person you married. You never would have married the person you divorced.” - Renee

3 Interesting Clips:

8:13 - 8:47 - A key discovery that helped Renee’s recovery.

12:54 - 13:00 -  3 things you need to go into court with.

15:04 - 15:25 - The importance of being cautious with your evidence and using strategy.


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