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Everything Always

Jun 3, 2021

A lot of our episodes are focused around the challenges that come with being part of a blended family and parenting, but today we’re doing a bit of a shift. In this episode, we're diving into what our children learn in school, how they learn in school, and how we can encourage them to realize their potential. We’ll be talking with an expert, Kelsey Komorowski, about the difference between teaching vs. learning and how we can ensure that we’re putting our children in the best position to truly learn.

Listen in as Kelsey discusses how we as parents can foster increased engagement and foster a stronger ability to learn in our children. She shares some of the key issues kids tend to have when it comes to actually learning and how their learning environment has a huge effect on that. Kelsey has a fascinating perspective on education, and we think that any parent will really enjoy this episode and get a lot of valuable information from it.

5:52 – 10:56 - The importance of paradigm shifts and why Kelsey stepped into the education space.

10:57 – 13:09 - What we can do as parents to encourage more effective learning and excitement for learning in our children.

13:10 – 14:23 - How Komo Consulting works with teachers to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and at-home learning.

14:24 – 20:59 - The reasons families want to work with Komo Consulting and the transformations that come from that.

21:00 – 33:41 - How the transformations actually happen and how parents can facilitate change.

33:42 – 47:16 - The feelings that happen when we are learning and how to teach problem-solving, resilience, and confidence.


  • Why we need to focus on the things that get kids excited.
  • Why parents need to be taught alongside and as well as their kids.
  • The importance of understanding what skill-building really is.
  • Why we need to re-think the role of educators, teachers, and ourselves as parents.
  • How we’re able to help our kids realize how much potential they have.


“There’s an assumption that being taught to in the classroom equates to learning, and that’s just not true.” - Kelsey

“You can be the best teacher in the world, but if the student isn’t tapped into themselves as a learner, it’s not going to matter.” - Kelsey

“It doesn’t matter what you’re being taught—what’s important is what you’re learning.” - Kelsey

3 Interesting Clips:

11:50 – 12:54 - What school is for and how we should view it.

17:45 – 18:35 - The problem of identity and grades.

23:21 – 24:22 - Why student achievement is greatly shaped by household dynamics.


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