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Everything Always

Jun 10, 2021

Being in a blended family and dealing with an ex that puts a strain on your marriage is something a lot of people deal with. In this episode, Kate Anthony joins the show to share her insight on surviving divorce and making key decisions that will help you deal with exes, a difficult second marriage, blending for a second time and more. She has helped women all around the world to make the most difficult decision of their lives and transition out of toxic marriages.

If you are trying to decide whether to heal your relationship or find a way out, Kate has an incredible way of putting things in perspective and shares key steps you should take in order to make a wise and thoughtful decision. Kate talks about things that a lot of us might not want to own up to and it’s so important to hear that and learn from that. She pulls from her own experience along with that of those she has coached and you will be able to gain some incredible insight from that.

6:34 – 9:12 – The "should I stay or should I go" conversation and how common it is for even 2nd & 3rd marriages.

9:13 – 14:59 – Kate’s experience in a volatile abusive marriage and what brought her to helping other people through divorce.

15:00 – 21:25 – Dealing with a dramatic ex and an interesting situation she got herself into with her ex.

21:26 – 27:02 - What the shifting of primary is and how to embrace and recognize it.

27:03 – 24:05 – Making things smoother for the kids and what it takes to get there.

24:06 – 41:25 – How to think clearly in a stressful state and make the best decision for yourself and others.

42:26 – 48:24 – The importance of knowing yourself well and how that effects our relationships.

48:25 – 56:03 – How to not drag your kids through the mud while you’re going through relationship problems.

56:04 – 1:02:06 – Do kids deserve to know the truth about the divorce?



  • How to know when to stick it out when it comes to a second marriage becoming rocky.
  • The importance of doing the healing work and taking responsibility for your decisions.
  • Advice on how to decide whether to blend a whole new family (the second time around).
  • Overstepping boundaries when it comes to the ex and their new partner.
  • The importance of navigating family dynamics with the kids in mind.



“You can sign the papers but it doesn’t mean anything if you keep up a relationship that continues the dynamic.” - Kate

“This person may be a total a**hole but you picked the a**hole.” - Kate

“If you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, it probably will. So protect yourself and have those boundaries.” - Kate


3 Interesting Clips:

4:15 – 5:20 – A little (important) secret that Kate and Summer share.

7:00 – 7:36 – The reality of 2nd divorces and having to blend again.

14:01 – 14:43 – How to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes over and over.



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