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Everything Always

Feb 7, 2019

It’s another beautiful day for an Everything Always podcast with Summer and Mike! Today, we’re going to dive into blended family house rules. This will probably speak to step-parents the most because we know it can be challenging to set rules with your step-kids while trying to maintain (or create!) a bonded relationship.

How and when should you discipline a step-child? Is there a way to maintain peace in the home without being a pushover? How do you keep an effective disciplining style and avoid backlash? These are common challenges that send step-parents into panic-mode, but the good news is that there is a way.

We aren’t perfect, but we have learned some house rule do’s and don’ts along our journey. Things like family meetings, being a team, and establishing clear rules has helped us avoid some major meltdowns in our house. Listen in to learn the do’s and don’ts of blended family house rules so you can better align with your spouse, establish peace, and make your home a loving and supportive space for parents and kids alike.

03:00 – 08:00 - Introducing today’s topic, why it’s important, and our experience

08:00 – 13:30 - Establishing a relationship before implementing disciplinary action

13:30 – 18:00 - Family meetings, house rules, and creating a team

18:00 – 25:00 - Aligning with the bio-parent and being a parental figure/role model

25:00 – 28:00 - Creating balance, avoiding blame, and fighting away from the kids

28:00 – 30:30 - Handling backlash and taking each opportunity to make things better