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Everything Always

Feb 28, 2019

Summer here for another episode of the Everything Always podcast! Welcome back! Today, I’ve got my dear friend, Kelsey Holohan, on the show to discuss blending families when one partner doesn’t have any kids. Kelsey has three kids and her soon-to-be husband doesn’t, so this brings up some interesting advantages – and challenges.  

She’s been with Jeff for 6 years, so her kids have come to see him as another dad. At first, this brought some hard feelings from the kid’s biological dad, but over the years, things changed. The fathers acknowledged what the other brought to the table – and now the kids get to feel secure and happy with all their adults.  

We hope this conversation sheds some light for parents, step-parents, and adults coming into a relationship with or without kids. It’ll never be perfect, but the goal is to create a peaceful environment for the kids while strengthening the bond with our new partner. So, tune in, hear what Kelsey is going through, and take away some valuable insight to consider in your own life.

00:45 – 5:00 - Introducing Kelsey and today’s topic

5:00 – 11:00 - The challenges that come with having a new dad

11:00 – 18:30 - Unique situations when a step-parent has no biological kids

18:30 – 27:00 - Balancing a relationship with your ex and new partner  

27:00 – 31:00 - Being confident in your parenting choices with your new partner

31:00 – 36:30 - Shifting from person to parent in the kid’s eyes