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Everything Always

Jun 27, 2019

Today I’m proud to present The Gipford Moms! Erin and Tina are co-parenting moms – Erin is the biological mom and Tina is the step-mom who also has a child from a previous relationship and two with her husband (Tina’s ex). Although they’re very different, they stand on common ground when it comes to the most important thing: How to co-parent.

One glance at their website and you’ll realize that they’ve got a big crew – and they’re happy taking a family photo together! Not only that, but some of the kids are teenagers. Wow. They have an extremely unique relationship and have even written a book together about their experience.

The Gipford Moms and I discuss the different perspective they offer in their book and how they hope it’ll help other co-parents. We’ll talk about very real possibility of harmonious co-parenting if respect and communication are practiced and anger is released. Tune in to hear Erin and Tina’s co-parenting advice and get inspired to explore a better relationship with your co-parent – for yourself and for your kids.

01:00 – 05:30 - Introducing The Gipford Moms and their new book

05:30 – 10:30 - The family dynamics and the journey

10:30 – 14:30 - What their relationship was like in the beginning and how it has evolved

14:30 – 16:30 - Takeaways for successful co-parenting

16:30 – 21:30 - Co-authoring a book and what the kids think

21:30 – 25:00 - The book’s takeaways and feedback

25:00 – 29:30 - Advice for co-parents

29:30 – 32:00 - Their future plans and the possibility of a sequel