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Everything Always

Nov 12, 2020

In this episode, we talk with Garret and Chelsea Zimmerman of Transformed Couples. As certified relationship coaches, Garret and Chelsea serve blended families and couples who are going through the blending process. Today, they will be sharing their years of expertise and experience working with all kinds of couples and blended families so you can learn how to transform from blended to blessed.

Listen in as we talk about the stigma that blended families face and how to not feel like a failure when something doesn’t work out the first time. You will hear some great advice on financial challenges, high conflict co-parenting, different discipline needs, and much more. And be sure to listen to the end, as well, because they have a ton of free stuff for you guys.

4:06 – 7:50 - Chelsea and Garret’s background and how they started their journey as a couple.

8:43 – 11:08 - Embracing your normal as a blended family.

11:32 – 26:42 - Typical challenges blended families face and how they have found solutions.

28:11 – 36:54 - How to bring your relationship together and get on the same team.

37:03 – 44:04 - Disciplining effectively while understanding unique situations.

44:21 – 50:38 - The free clarity call and couples coaching options Chelsea and Garret provide


  • How to remove the stigma that blended couples have.
  • Dealing with high conflict co-parenting situations.
  • What to do when you hit financial challenges.
  • Looking at and understanding your money story.
  • Disciplining children in different ways according to how they learn best.


“If you’re in disagreement with your spouse, you’re fighting for them to lose and you to win—and that’s not healthy.” – Garret Zimmerman

“Had it not been for failure, I wouldn’t be able to grow and move forward in this current blended family dynamic.” – Garret Zimmerman

“You have to acknowledge that the only thing you can control is what happens under your roof.” – Chelsea Zimmerman

3 Interesting Clips:

  • 9:54 - 11:08 – How failure allows us to grow into the people we are today.
  • 16:52 – 17:36 - How to deal with different co-parenting dynamics on each side.
  • 38:31 – 40:32 - Examples of why different discipline methods may be appropriate.


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