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Everything Always

Nov 19, 2020

Coming to you from Park City Utah, we’ve decided to unleash a number of issues on you. This episode, you’ll hear us ranting about the meanness we see all over social media, disrespected step-parents, entitlement and much more. We’ll also be sharing a new feature of our website where YOU can get your ranting out anonymously.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with social media these days or the disrespect felt in your parenting situations, this episode is for you. We will not only be sharing our rants but also sharing some insight and possible solutions that can make things so much easier for you and the people you interact with and have relationships with.

4:19 – 5:34 - Why we’re ranting in this episode.

5:35 – 7:25 - A safe place where you can rant and get things off your chest.

7:26 – 12:46 - The meanness we’re seeing on social media and what to do when you get fired up.

12:47 – 16:05 - How to deal with feeling disrespected as a step-parent.

16:06 – 23:42 - The entitled mentalities people have and expectations that ruin things.

23:42 – 33:38 - The problem with black cars, perpetually messy kitchens and other fun rants you’ll most likely relate to.


  • A place where you can write and rant anonymously – and the benefits of that.
  • How to know when to engage (or disengage) from certain people or conversations.
  • Why entitlement steals away appreciation and joy.
  • How disagreement does NOT warrant insults or rudeness.
  • Breaking away from the negative things that pull you down.


  • “You have the ability to mute someone or just see less of their content.”
  • “When you earn something you appreciate it so much more. Things that come easy that you didn’t struggle for, that you didn’t earn – you don’t appreciate. You’re literally stealing the joy of this thing.”
  • “When you’re in a disagreement—when is it ever the right thing to do to insult somebody or cut them down? Why is that ever the right way to handle it?”

3 Interesting Clips:

  • 7:50 – 8:25 – Protect yourself and your brain from too much of the wrong stuff.
  • 11:45 - 12:42 - The irony in how the phrase “with all due respect..” is used.
  • 18:42 - 19:24 - Why your ego and expectations are ruining things.


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