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Everything Always

Dec 3, 2020

We know how hard it is to be in a blended family, and then you add in the craziness of the holidays and it takes the challenges to a whole ‘nother level. This episode is for all of you who are in the beginning stages of your blended families because it’s exactly the stuff that I needed to hear when we first blended our family—and sometimes I still need the reminder!

Listen in as I share my tips to not only survive, but thrive during the holidays and really enjoy the moments with your family, in whatever shape that takes. You'll learn how to let go of expectations, avoid drama, and redefine what your perfect holiday consists of so that this holiday will be one to remember for all the right reasons.

2:15 – 5:10 - Why the holidays can be especially tough for blended families.

5:11 – 7:07 - How to let go of expectations and shrug off judgment from others.

7:08 – 9:21 - How to manage different schedules during the holidays.

9:22 – 11:17 - How to overcome—or avoid completely—holiday drama.

12:15 – 17:45 - Why it’s important to let your blended family just be what it is and go with the flow.

17:46 – 20:34 - Why sometimes arguments are actually necessary.

20:35 – 21:39 - Everything happens for an opportunity.

21:40 – 27:03 - Tips to manage through the holidays.

27:04 – 28:29 - Don’t forget to make alone time for yourself too!

28:30 – 31:00 - Final thoughts on getting through the holidays.



  • Embrace the chaos.
  • Let go of expectations.
  • Look for opportunities in the madness.
  • Redefine what perfect is.
  • Don’t put guilt on yourself.



“Take the pressure off of what you think you’re supposed to look like and enjoy what you have.”

“It’s all about perspective, and you get to choose that for yourself.”

“Let your blended family be exactly what it is.”

“Redefine what amazing is.”


3 Interesting Clips:

10:30 – 11:17 - Finding calm amidst the craziness.

13:43 – 14:50 - How to accept the ebb and flow of life and family.

28:45 – 31:00 - Don’t let yourself feel guilty, embrace the small moments, and cultivate a connection with those who matter most.


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