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Everything Always

Dec 17, 2020

We all have super hard times, but there is one thing that has really helped me to get through my own hard times, and it’s something that we’ve talked about a lot on this podcast. In this episode, I’m going deeper on this concept that has literally changed my life and has helped me feel like I had control in situations where I felt like I had none. The tool I’m talking about? The gift of not reacting.

This is such a simple superpower that has the potential to give each of us a different mindset and framework to work with so that we can regain control of our lives. Listen in as I get really vulnerable about my own journey through divorce and how this concept changed my whole perspective. Not only did it give me control back, but it also empowered me and opened me up to so much more learning.

1:40 - 6:14 - My personal hard times.

6:15 - 8:49 - Why battles often resurface.

8:50 - 18:04 - How I started to get my power back.

18:05 - 22:24 - The simple concept that changed my life.

22:25 - 30:14 - The shift that happens when you apply this tool in your own life.

30:15 - 31:20 - Other parts of your life where you could apply this concept.



  • You have the power.
  • Take a deep breath before responding.
  • Don’t get caught up in proving a point.
  • You control how you respond.
  • Don’t engage—unless you want to.



“Divorce came, heartbreak came, and suddenly I had all of these emotions stirred up that anything could make me cry.”

“The holidays bring out a lot of extra stress for some people.”

“You are determining your mood for the day based on what someone else thinks and what their mood is.”

“I would consciously take a deep breath and acknowledge the feelings that I was having.”

“You have control over yourself, not someone else.”


3 Interesting Clips:

1:40 - 5:30 - How easy it can be to feel terrorized by things outside of your control.

9:40 - 11:05 - Why divorce attorneys are so much more than just attorneys.

22:25 -23:30 - What happens when you’re in your ego state versus your receiving state.


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