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Everything Always

Dec 31, 2020

My guest today has an incredible and inspiring story that I think will be such a blessing for you to hear and learn from. Wendy Sterling came from a successful career in the corporate world and had her world rocked by a rocky divorce, and she joins the show today to share her story about ditching her “poor me” attitude and ultimately deciding to help both women and men get through divorce.

If you are going through a divorce and feel lonely or lost going through the process, Wendy has so much encouragement and support to offer. Listen in to hear her story and the insight she gained while going through the process herself. Even if you went through divorce years ago and are still feeling the trauma or difficulties relating to it, this episode is for you.

3:41 – 7:05 - An anonymous letter.

8:19 – 12:30 - How Wendy created her business and why it’s so important.

12:31 – 13:34 – The "I do, I did, I’m done" program and how it works.

16:13 – 19:18 – Going from quick fix to long-term transformation and recovery.

19:19 – 21:44 – What is keeping you stuck and what you need to do first.

21:45 – 36:01 – The role of mindfulness in your recovery.

36:02 – 43:37 – The goal at the end of your recovery and what it actually means to be recovered.

44:38 – 00:44 – Wendy’s best advice for those who are thinking about divorce.


  • The empowering side of the divorce process.
  • Why it’s important to change the conversation around divorce.
  • The key thing that got Wendy through her divorce recovery.
  • Turning to the right sources for help.
  • How to know if you’ve gotten over your divorce or not.
  • The importance of mindfulness and pouring into yourself.
  • What to think about when considering divorce.



“It’s really about just rooting yourself in the present moment. You don’t have to react right away.” – Wendy Sterling

“I love sharing my story because one of the things us divorcees don’t do enough is being authentic and vulnerable. I find that by sharing my story, it lets others know they are not alone in this experience.” – Wendy Sterling

“I’ve realized that my divorce happened FOR me, not TO me. I have a lot of pride in helping other people to get through this experience because nobody should do it alone.” – Wendy Sterling


3 Interesting Clips:

12:55 – 13:34 – What REHAB stands for in the context of divorce recovery.

13:35 – 14:20 - How the conversation around divorce needs to change.

 20:25 – 21:30 – The importance of talking to the right people about your divorce.


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