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Everything Always

Jan 7, 2021

Is this the year that you plan to implement boundaries and gain respect with your step children? We hear a lot of issues come up when it comes to disrespect from step kids, and as we break into a new year, it’s time to address them. You will hear about key ways that others have successfully dealt with disrespect and learn how to turn the tides toward a peaceful and respectful home.

In this episode, I will be drawing from strategies that have been used by step-parents to handle situations that have gone downhill and how they have fostered respect. You will learn the signs that it’s time to disengage from your step child or step children, the best ways to disengage, and the outcomes that are most important in order for you, your relationship, and the step child to get back to a good place.

3:43 – 4:37 - An anonymous letter.

5:33 – 7:40 - The change that often happens in step relationships.

7:41 – 10:46 – Second-guessing the whole situation and where to go from there.

10:47 – 14:10 – The process of disengagement and how to implement it.

14:11 – 24:00 – Situations that show it’s time to disengage.

24:01 – 36:04– What disengagement really means.

36:05 – 40:47 – The results of disengaging.


  • The small but significant things that can change your relationship with a step child overnight.
  • What to do when you realize things have changed for the worse.
  • How to disengage and why it’s an important thing to do.
  • What other step parents have done to successfully change the dynamic.
  • How to set the right intention in order for disengaging to be successful.



“It’s okay if you don’t love your step children as your own.” – Summer Mulder

“It can’t be just you enforcing the rules, and it will not help the relationship with your step child if you’re the only one nagging about things.” – Summer Mulder

“The only person you can control is yourself, so you have to do the things that are going to make you feel better and be at your best.” – Summer Mulder


3 Interesting Clips:

11:29 – 11:54 – The importance of giving a new relationship time to learn and grow feelings.

13:30 – 14:01 - The danger of thinking you have to love a step child as your own.

 17:31 – 18:22 – The right intention to set when disengaging.



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