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Everything Always

Jan 28, 2021

Susan Guthrie is one of the top family law and mediation attorneys in the country. That's why I'm so excited to have her on the show today to discuss how you can avoid spending tons of money going to court as a divorced couple and do the right thing for your kids. For over 30 years, Susan has helped families and individuals navigate divorce, separation, co-parenting, and everything that comes along with divorce involving children.

Listen in to hear some of the incredible insight that she has gained over her years working with people going through divorce. You'll get really important tips and advice on going through this process in a way that is not only less expensive, but also less divisive and costly (in an emotional sense) for your children.

5:18 – 9:20 – An anonymous letter to a Facebook friend.

9:21 14:13 – Introducing Susan and how she got into her line of work.

14:14 – 18:06 – The biggest problems that come up in the early phase of a divorce.

18:07 – 23:27– The importance of what you model to your children.

23:28 – 31:09 -  Dealing with a high-conflict ex.

31:10 – 57:50 - How to avoid court through mediation and have a better life post-divorce.



  • Why the choices you make at the beginning of a divorce are so important.
  • How to manage a high-conflict ex.
  • Why having a respectful divorce is so important for your children.
  • The dangers of trying to hide divorce conflict from children.
  • How to stay out of court and include your ex in that decision.



“I found that the adversarial and litigation approach didn’t work for me. My personal life very much colored my professional life, and I never looked back. I switched over to a mediation approach to divorce, and now I train other mediators.” – Susan Guthrie

“It is not the divorce itself that causes difficulty for children. It is the level of conflict between their parents.” – Susan Guthrie

“It is harder once you're caught up in the litigation cycle to move out of it, but you always can. You always can choose to go to mediation or go to a different process to try to work things through.” – Susan Guthrie


3 Interesting Clips:

14:53 – 16:36 – The importance of the way you start your divorce.

17:17 – 17:50 -  What really causes difficulty for your children in a divorce.

20:25 – 21:10 - Why you need to be aware of what you’re modeling to your children.



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