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Everything Always

Feb 4, 2021

Today’s podcast is pretty serious because we're talking about something that is really important. We will be going through all the things your kids need to know before they turn 18. This is the perfect time to reflect on what you have (or have not) been teaching your kids and make a plan to prepare them for the world.

There are 18 specific things that will be highlighted as necessary for a kid to know in order to be prepared for the real world. Listen in as we go over them and discuss how you can help teach these concepts—even if you don’t feel very knowledgeable in some of these areas. If you’re hoping to give your children the best chance of thriving in their adult lives, this episode is for you!

2:55 – 6:10 – An anonymous letter to no one in particular.

6:11 – 11:11 – The importance of evaluating what kids need in order to be prepared for the real world and how that applies to step-parents.

11:12 – 18:20 – Communication, responsibility, and problem-solving skills.

18:21 – 26:48 – Household skills, time management, and money management.

26:49 – 29:31 – Transportations skills, car maintenance, paying bills, and scheduling appointments.

29:30 – 36:33 – Job-related skills, cleaning skills, and emergency situational skills.



  • The critical value of social and communication skills in the real world.
  • Why taking responsibility is important in order to develop other skills.
  • How money management and bills can make or break your child’s success.
  • Valuable home skills and emergency knowledge could save lives.
  • How taking the time to steadily teach a variety of skills will allow your child to get valuable experience and soak in important knowledge well before turning 18.



“Do you feel confident that your child, when they graduate high school, will be ready for the real world?” – Summer

“It’s important, as an adult, to not just spiral out of control. A really good skill to have as an adult is to argue effectively.” – Summer

“Take responsibility for things you do, and apologize when you’re wrong.” – Mike


3 Interesting Clips:

8:55 – 9:50 – The common issue when kids leave the nest unprepared.

12:20– 13:05 -  The downfall of poor social skills.

30:31 – 31:21 - Why it’s so important to have cleaning skills.



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