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Everything Always

Feb 18, 2021

As a blended family ourselves, we understand the ups and downs that come with co-parenting and divorce. We have experienced and learned from our own mistakes, taking every day as it comes and facing every challenge head-on. So today, I will be addressing high-conflict parenting and how to push your ego aside to ensure the safety and happiness of your children.

Listen in as I discuss why you are not alone in experiencing high-conflict parenting and why it’s not the divorce itself, but the way you handle the divorce that can make the biggest difference. You will learn the importance of making your children the focus, why we must acknowledge that everyone shows their love in different ways, and why you must keep your opinions to yourself. If you are a divorced co-parent, this is the episode for you.  

1:30 - 4:45 - The everyday challenges of co-parenting.
4:45 - 11:45 - Why the way you are handling the divorce is the real issue.
11:45 - 21:15 - Why you must keep your opinions and your judgments to yourself.
21:15 - 30:55 - How to avoid drama in co-parenting.
30:55 - 40:00 - Why it’s never too late to make changes.


  • How to remove your ego from situations.
  • The importance of making your children the focus, not the other parent.
  • The ups and downs of co-parenting.
  • How to address high-conflict parenting.
  • Why we should never bring our children into our co-parenting fights.


“It’s really hard to put your ego aside and maintain the priority of the children.” – Summer

“It’s the conflict that you have as co-parents and the way that you show it in front of the kids—that’s the damaging part.” – Summer

“It’s not the divorce that’s the issue, it’s the way that you’re handling your divorce.” – Summer


3 Interesting Clips:

2:45 - 4:45 - Why you are not alone if you are experiencing high-conflict parenting.

6:30 - 11:18 - Why it isn’t the divorce that’s the issue—it’s the way that you’re handling the divorce.

28:30 - 30:55 - How to allow your children to have a relationship with the other parent without stepping in.



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