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Everything Always

Feb 25, 2021

Are you recently divorced or separated and wondering what life is going to look like in the dating arena now that you’re no longer married or with the person you were with? If you have questions about returning to dating—whether it's after divorce, with kids, in a pandemic, or after a pandemic—this episode is for you. My guest today is Coach T. Anthony, and he helps people with online dating, including how to set up a profile, what to say, who to look for, and much more.

Getting back into the game, or learning how to date again after being out of that world for so long, is something a lot of people struggle with. So Coach T. will share some really helpful advice that will allow you to successfully date online and get rid of a lot of the fear, dread, or uncertainty around learning to date again in such an online world.

3:54 – 6:32 - How Coach T. got into the online dating world.

6:33 – 11:02 - Where to start when jumping into online dating.

11:03 – 12:45 - How to maneuver in the dating world during a pandemic.

12:46 – 21:09 - Red flags and how to not waste your time when online dating.

21:10 – 30:39 - What to put (or not put) on your dating profile.

30:40 – 44:35 - Mindset shifts, tips, and “rules” when moving back into dating.



  • The issues that come up when going back to online dating after not dating for years.
  • How the pandemic has affected people in dating and what Coach T. has helped them with.
  • Advice on how to not waste your time while online dating.
  • Important mindset moves that you need to make.
  • The dos and don’ts of dating profile setup.


“They don’t want to go through the frustrations and the horror stories that they’ve heard about online dating—and that’s where I come in.” – Coach T. Anthony

“Once you get on two or three different apps, then you get too overwhelmed and just stop doing it altogether. I would suggest sticking with just one app for now.” – Coach T. Anthony

“I help men and women maneuver through the jungle of online dating.” – Coach T. Anthony


3 Interesting Clips:

17:17- 8:03 - Not wanting to make the first move.

9:03 – 9:36 - Avoid app overwhelm and keep it simple.

16:01 – 17:58 - “Should I put single or divorced on my profile?”



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