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Everything Always

Mar 25, 2021

Today’s topic is a bit of a tough one, but it is something that is so important for anyone with older children as they start to experiment with alcohol and/or drugs. We will be discussing substance abuse and addiction with our guest, Richard Capriola, an expert on the subject. With over two decades of experience, Richard will be sharing how to identify the warning signs that your child is struggling and how to approach the conversation with them.

Listen in as we touch on the sensitive topic of eating disorders and self-harm, as well as what to do if you see these changes in your child. You'll learn the different substances that are more commonly used these days, how they differ from older generations, and how to ensure your child is feeling understood and listened to so that you can help them through their addictions or underlying issues.

6:02 - 8:40 - The letter of the day.

8:40 - 11:05 - How Richard got into the mental health industry with a specialty in addictions.

11:05 - 13:11 - The warning signs to be aware of that your child might be struggling with addiction.

13:11 - 16:52 - The different substances to be aware of.

16:52 - 22:15 - Why these substances are being used and abused.

24:03 - 28:30 - The difference between adult addiction and adolescent addiction.

28:30 - 34:03 - How to prevent your child from becoming addicted and help them if they are already suffering.

34:03 - 38:50 - How to support both your child and your family.


  • Warning signs that your child is abusing substances.
  • How substances affect your child’s brain development.
  • The importance of listening and understanding your children.
  • How to discuss this topic with your children.
  • Why addiction is so prevalent these days.


“You have to wonder why they are drinking alcohol or why they are using marijuana.” - Richard Capriola

“As parents, we’re always worried about something. There is just different worries at different stages.” Summer Mulder

“Most of the people that I was working with were using substances to medicate an underlying issue.” - Richard Capriola

3 Interesting Clips:

2:20 - 3:02 - The biggest eye-opener when having children.

12:00 - 13:11 - Warning signs to be aware of.

25:00 - 26:28 - How children are getting ahold of dangerous substances.


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