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Everything Always

Apr 29, 2021

If you’ve just gone through a separation or a breakup and feel unsure of what to do next or stifled in your situation, this episode is for you. Sonia Frontera joins us today to talk about how the troubles that come with an ended marriage are NOT the end of the road, but a detour on the way to happiness. Sonia is a survivor of a toxic marriage and happily remarried, so she has really practical advice and insight to share.

Listen in as we discuss how divorce can cause us to label ourselves and our situation as permanently bad or troubled, as well as how we can avoid that. Sonia also shares her take on how these particular trials can smooth out along the way and how we can move onward and forward to a place of happiness and healing despite everything that seems to be pulling us down. You'll learn some really effective strategies to heal your heart from divorce and find recovery and happiness.

4:22 – 6:02 - Why Sonia is passionate about helping people through divorce and her story with it.

6:03 – 11:29 - What it looks like to have not moved on and how to start moving on.

11:30 – 16:38 – It’s a divorce from your ex, not TO your ex.

16:39 - 26:13 – Why your divorce and ex shouldn’t control your narrative and where your focus should be in order to be happy.

26:14 – 33:04 – Why you NEED to keep your kids out of the differences with your ex.

33:05 – 38:15 – Why Sonia was inspired to write and a special offer for listeners.


  • Divorce and marital problems are not the end of the road for you.
  • The importance of intentionally going out and creating your own happiness.
  • Where the focus should be when you’re going through a divorce (and even after).
  • Who revenge is really punishing.
  • Why compassion and forgiveness are key to your healing and happiness.


“You need to make an effort, and it’s all about baby steps. It’s not like you’re going to wake up and be completely over everything that happened in your marriage.” - Sonia Frontera

“There are so many things you can do to make your life better. Problems in your marriage or divorce are not the end of the road, but a detour on the road to happiness.” - Sonia Frontera

“You cannot love anyone until you love yourself first.” - Sonia Frontera

3 Interesting Clips:

6:22 – 7:49 - Why you may not be able to move on.

9:18 –10:10 - How to find fulfillment and healing.

14:50 – 15:50 – Why revenge shouldn’t have a part in this process.  


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