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Everything Always

May 13, 2021

We are so pumped to share this episode featuring Tim Kellis with you! Tim is a coach who specializes in fixing the problems in marriages that cause people to break up and get divorced. You will hear about the number of second marriages that fail, the reasons that contribute to them failing and learn key ways to avoid or squash those issues if they crop up in your own marriage.

Tim has a great way of breaking down big problems into simple, bite-size pieces that really give us the ability to process them and understand them better. You will gain insight into common marriage issues that crop up and how to solve them in simple, effective ways. As Mike says in the intro, “If you’re hoping to get a divorce, don’t listen to this episode.”

5:00 – 9:08 - The scary number of divorces in 2nd marriages and why Tim is passionate about helping people stay married.

9:09 - 11:49 - The issue with current marriage therapy and what is missing from it.

11:50 - 19:57  - The common reasons why relationships are successful (or not) and the main reason for disagreements.

19:58 - 17:50 - Why spiritual transformation is important to your relationship and how to grow together.

17:51 - 34:58  - How to navigate the tension of finances and other sticky subjects you disagree on.

34:59 – 39:39 - How to not be controlled by fear and limiting beliefs while understanding equality.

39:40 – 52:16 – The important things in life and how our priorities got skewed.


  • The value of addressing marriage mentally vs. behaviorally.
  • Why the love languages haven’t solved the marriage problem.
  • The common factor in unsuccessful relationships.
  • Why mental problems are mental-based.
  • What you should be learning when going through the divorce process in order to move into your next relationship effectively.
  • The importance of creating a judgement-free zone for your relationship.
  • Why always seeking understanding first is so valuable.


“My approach is to understand how to make marriage work from a mental perspective and when I’ve solved the problem, the solution is equality.” – Tim Kellis

“There’s no psychological component to the 5 Love Languages.” - Tim Kellis

“The reason why relationships are successful is because couples get along. The reason why relationships are unsuccessful is because couples don’t get along.” - Tim Kellis

3 Interesting Clips:

8:43-9:08 – Why Tim addresses marriage mentally.

7:43-11:50 - The problem with love languages in an insecure relationship.

15:12-17:52 - The hierarchy of the problem and how that plays into your relationship.


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