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Everything Always

May 20, 2021

Today’s episode is on high conflict divorces and our guest today is super fun, wicked smart and really helpful when it comes to navigating rough times. Matthew Barach, known as “the fixer” in Massachusetts family law. He owns his own law firm, over 20 years in family law experience, and is dedicated to excellence when it comes to family law

I love talking to an attorney who cares about all parties involved and that is definitely Matthew. He has a ton of insight and wisdom when it comes to dealing with a high conflict divorce. You will get some incredible information, tips and advice on how to navigate a challenging divorce in a way that does the least damage as possible.

7:26 – 8:42 – The truth about divorce and being a divorce lawyer.

8:43 – 14:56 – How Matthew ended up in family law and why divorce isn’t about winning.

14:57 - 19:01 – How to deal with parental alienation in the court and the role lawyers have in it.

19:02 – 23:58 – What to do when parental alienation happens and crafting a solution that works on both sides.

23:59 – 32:58 – Clarifying a father’s rights and the impact of changing roles on divorce outcomes.

32:59 - 41:35 – The importance of shielding your child from the divorce process.


  • What parental alienation means in the eyes of the court and how it might be different from what you see.
  • What actually fixes parental alienation and how you can do your best to do that.
  • Clarifying father’s rights and what you can do to prepare.
  • Dealing with the stigma placed on parents who have less custody time.
  • What’s really important when it comes to being a parent.



“Every single solitary study says that children that were exposed to the divorce, during the time when parents were getting a divorce, had long term effects. BUT children who were not exposed to the divorce process do not have lingering effects when they’re older.” – Matthew Barach

“It’s not really about the lawyers or judges, it’s about the parents making a decision, jointly or singularly to protect their children from the divorce.” - Matthew Barach

“Nobody ever wins a divorce, that’s a misnomer and it’s not how it works.” - Matthew Barach


3 Interesting Clips:

12:02 – 12:59 – The gratifying part that comes post-divorce.

16:03 – 16:48 – The difficulty of proving parental alienation in court.

20:02 – 21:02 -  How to actually FIX parental alienation.




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