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Everything Always

Aug 29, 2019

Today, I’m talking about a subject that I know many of you want to hear about… It’s a little thing called technology. Our little ones (or not-so-little ones) have access to a crazy number of devices these days—and it can all be a bit overwhelming.

I’m taking this episode to touch on all of it. Mike and I, like many parents, have had our concerns with technology. I think we all have the same fears. Is it making my child less active? Is it affecting their relationships with friends and family? Is it affecting their social skills? It’s hard to give a solid answer to any of those questions, but I think we all know that these devices do have an effect on our children.

In this episode, I discuss what kind of rules we should (or should not) be making around technology for our children. And let’s be real — technology isn’t all bad. I also touch on all the benefits of technology that we often overlook, and how we can teach them about all the good stuff they can do on their devices while limiting the bad stuff. It’s all about communication.

00:50 — 04:40 – The 4 concerns we all have with technology and our children

04:40 — 07:00 - There is value in these devices, until they become dependent

07:00 — 10:00 - When and how we’ve established rules

10:00 — 13:30 - The double-edged sword that is technology

13:30 — 16:00 - The value of open communication and having them hear it from you

16:00 — 22:00 – It’s all about balance