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Everything Always

Jul 25, 2019

Today’s episode is from my recent interview with Melissa on The Blended Family podcast. We talked about all the funny stuff that comes up when raising teens and how the way boys and girls mature differently. What a roller coaster!

We also discuss my relationship with my ex and how I’ve handled negativity in the past. I’ve had to learn how to control my reactions – and it hasn’t always been easy. But it’s important to be cordial to my kid’s parent – not just for them, but for my own peace, too. 

Having a harmonious blended family takes effort. And it’s always evolving. We work towards that harmony by spending quality alone time with each of our kids – biological and non – so we feel bonded and connected. Tune in to hear my thoughts on discipline, time management, and being an entrepreneurial blended family mom.

01:00 – 08:00 - Raising teenagers and the difference between boys and girls

08:00 – 14:00 - Summer’s relationship with her ex and how she handles negativity

14:00 – 19:00 - Controlling our reactions and learning to be friendly

19:00 – 25:30 - Spending alone time with the kids

25:30 – 29:00 - Dealing with different rules and discipline at different households

29:00 – 37:30 - How Summer harmonizes business and family