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Everything Always

Oct 24, 2019

When children in a blended family have to share a home, a lot of issues and complexities can come into play. Today I'm flying solo to share tips on making this challenging living situation a bit easier and helping the kids come to terms with sharing space in a fair and inclusive way.

Listen in as I discuss some of the issues my own blended family encountered, as well as things you can do to avoid problems with sharing a space. You'll learn how to make everyone feel more included and at home through creating a new space that the kids can share their input on, creating space when there's not much extra room, and more.

01:00 — 05:33 - The difficulties of sharing a space.

05:33 - 07:15 - Solutions to help prevent frustration, tears, and fights.

07:15 - 08:07 - Starting fresh and giving the kids input.

08:07 - 08:53 - How to create space when there's not a lot of extra room.

08:53 - 10:18 - How important it is to give children a voice.

10:56 - 13:07 - Another way to get that new ownership feel.

13:07 - 14:56 - Advice for TV and entertainment sharing.

14:56 - 16:50 - Eliminating challenge and threat.


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